Technology Expo



Technology Expo & Competition

The senior design project course is a two-semester capstone experience required of all engineering graduates. In the initial semester, students grasp design fundamentals, product development, manufacturing, and quality, creating solutions for unmet biomedical needs. Students collaborate with biomedical devices, rehabilitation, and clinical research communities to acquire vital real-life projects crucial for these organizations. Upon securing the sponsored project, students in small groups prepare a proposal that details deliverables and timelines to complete the project. Proposals are presented before a committee comprised of faculty members of the Undergraduate program along with the assigned faculty mentor for the project. The committee refines projects, aligning scopes with ABET outcomes and sponsor needs. In the second semester, students actively develop their design concepts.

Students complete the designs, manufacture the prototypes, and test them in accordance with the design inputs. Students participate in lectures covering research, advanced manufacturing, quality assurance, design excellence principles, and intellectual property laws presented by industry professionals. Upon project completion, students present at a Design Expo. Industry professionals assess their performance, providing valuable feedback for improvement. Following presentations, the panel questions students to gauge proficiency in design tools, quality assurance, engineering standards, and teamwork capabilities.. Finally, students participate in the college-wide poster expo and competition, which showcases their designs to the college community, the public, and potential investors.